About Us

Store ID-GPSTRACKER is a subsidiary Mega Komputasi.Perusahaan is based in Bandung,

known as the Research and Development Center of Science and Technology in Indonesia.

Mega Computing was founded in response to the needs of the business world in the utilization

of information technology and internet-based services. The development of information technology

so rapidly in the last decade, forcing the industry to compete to use it as a means to improve

the effectiveness and efficiency of its business processes.

In carrying out its business processes, Mega Computing supported by young Indonesian engineers

graduated from the Institute and the University focuses on information technology eminent integrity,

dedication, and motivation with knowledge and experience in the development of

Information Technology.

The quality of human resources is an important part of our mission to realize in order to produce

quality services and products.

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to become a world class company that integrates information technology

and the Internet as a means for the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities

and business processes.

While the mission of our company is:

Provide a professional service to the business community in Indonesia,

especially in terms of utilization of information technology to improve the effectiveness

and efficiency of the business.

Developing professionalism of Human Resources (HR) in the field of information technology.

Being able to compete at a global level by relying on HR professionalism and mastery of technology.